ITI Second Year Employability Skill, Communication Skill MCQ PDF (English/ हिंदी / मराठी)

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Communication plays a significant role in both our personal and professional lives with family, friends, supervisors, colleagues, etc. Communication is done through the words we speak, our bodily movements, gestures, signs and symbols.
Suppose we are talking to our close friends using social media (WhatsApp or Facebook). We see different emojis during the chat depicting emotions like laughter, anger, sadness, love, etc. We use them according to our mood or the situation.
We try to select the perfect emoji to express our feelings. Sometimes, when words are not enough to communicate our feelings, these emojis add expression to our words. At times, it is also difficult to choose the perfect emoji to express one’s thoughts or feelings.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

is a person’s ability to understand and manage emotions properly. An emotionally intelligent person will be able to manage and understand their own emotions and also the emotions of others.
When employers hire people for a job, they look at not only their qualifications and skills, but also their Emotional Intelligence. This is because a person with a high EI has a lot of positive qualities that are important in a workplace. Some of the qualities of a person with high Emotional Intelligence are that they:
• work well in teams.
• are able to handle difficult situations.
• have a positive attitude.
• show empathy towards their colleagues, staff and customers.
• are able to resolve fights and conflicts in a fair way.
• can deal with stressful situations.
• are able to communicate effectively.
• are good listeners.

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