21 Safety Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment

In this article We discuss about safety rules.


21 Golden Safety Rules

  1. Only qualified persons should do electrical work on workplace.
  2. Keep the workshop floor should be clean, and tools in good condition, and keep at proper places.
  3. Do not work on live circuits. If it is very important, use rubber gloves rubber mats, etc.
  4. Use proper insulated or wooden or PVC insulated handle screwdrivers when working on electrical circuits.
  5. Do not come in direct contact with bare conductors.
  6. When soldering, place the hot soldering irons in their stand. Never lay switched ON or heated soldering iron on a table or bench, it may cause a fire.
  7. Use only correct capacity fuses in the circuit. If the capacity is less then it will blow out when the load is connected.
  8. When use extension cords with lamp guards to protect lamps against breakage and to avoid contact with combustible material.
  9. Use accessories like sockets, plugs, switches and appliances only when they have the mark of BIS (ISI).
  10. Never extend electrical circuits by using temporary or with flexible wiring.
  11. Stand on a wooden stool, or an insulated ladder while repairing live electrical circuits or appliances or replacing fused bulbs.
  12. Stand on rubber mats while working with switch panels, control gears etc.
  13. Position the ladder, must on firm ground.

  14. While using a ladder, ask the helper to hold the ladder against to avoid any possible slipping.
  15. Always use safety belts while working on poles or high height points.
  16. Never place your hands on any moving part of rotating machine and never work around moving shafts of machine with loose shirt sleeves or dangling neck ties.
  17. Only after identifying the procedure of operation, operate any machine with procedure.
  18. Connections in the electrical apparatus should be tight. Loosely connected cables will heat up and end in fire hazards due to sparking.
  19. Use always equipment earth connection for all electrical appliances along with 3-pin sockets and plugs.
  20. While working on dead circuits remove the fuse grips; keep them under safe custody and also display ‘Men on line’ board on the switchboard for our safety.
  21. Discharge static voltage in HV lines and capacitors before working on line.

Module 1: Safety practice and hand tools

In This Post We Will Discuss The Following Topics Related To Safety Practice And Hand Tools.

This is post contain data is very useful for ITI (Industrial Training Institute) students for Trade Theory.

  • Organization of ITI’s and scope of the Electrician trade
  • Safety rules -Safety signs Hazards
  • Fire Types Extinguishers
  • Rescue operations First aid treatment Artificial respiration
  • Disposal of waste material
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Guidelines for cleanliness of workshop and maintenance

This MCQ Question Is Taken From Bharat Skill Website Published By NIMI.

Objective questions on the above topics explain in the below video on YouTube.

MCQ Question PDF

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